What We Do

About Mowbray’s Tree Service

We’ve been working within the tree industry for 40 years. We are a certified Woman-Owned Business, and we’re dedicated to helping you maintain your land efficiently and safely. We set ourselves apart with our superior fleet of vegetation management equipment that allows us to be more precise and agile in our work.

Who We Serve

Electric Utilities

Our team understands the importance of managing the vegetation around power and high voltage lines. Our services help you keep your customers in power.

Gas Utilities

We help your team manage vegetation near your gas lines and keep it from interfering with the delivery of service to your customers.


We provide vegetation management for DOTs to ensure the roadways you manage are visible and free of dangerous or hazardous vegetation.


We can provide IVM plans and mechanical clearing that keeps your tracks clear and free of any hazardous vegetation.

We Proudly Support the Following Organizations: