Our Team Works With a State of the Art Fleet of Machines

Mowbray’s uses revolutionary vegetation management equipment that sets our company apart in the tree service industry. Our equipment makes our work more accurate, and that helps save your team money and time. It also allows our team to be safer when we’re in the field, allowing you to invest in service you can trust.

At Mowbray’s, our team has a fleet of 75 aerial lifts and specialty trucks with a 65-foot lift and 10-foot elevator. We use bucket trucks mainly for vegetation management, high hazard work, and pruning trees or branches that are going up and over power lines. Our fleet gives us easy access to large and dangerous trees. This means that we can avoid climbing when it’s not necessary which creates a safer environment for our workers.

We also have several 100-foot lift trucks that are used for the same applications. These trucks are used for out of the ordinary dangers or very high hazard trees.

Our team has three spider lifts at our disposal. These are tracked machines that we can bring directly into a customer’s backyard to reach the job site. Two of our trucks can reach up to 90 feet, and one can reach 107 feet. These lifts make it easy to reach dangerous trees and make job sites safer for our team and the customer.

Our vegetation management equipment also includes mowers. We use e-con mowers that are typically used for cutting brush. We also have a Hydro-Ax, a larger mower that has the ability to mow down trees. All our mowers are extensions for CAT machines and can be used on transmission right-of-ways or gas lines.

We have two Morbark track chippers that are used when it’s difficult for our team to access an area. We also have experience using these machines in assistance with wildfire aftermath because these are easy to drive in areas that are hard to reach.

There are seven cranes at our disposal. Three are 140 ton Demag cranes with a boom length of 19 feet and a maximum length of 284 feet. Four are 180 ton Demag cranes with a boom length of 223 feet and a maximum length of 311 feet. The final three cranes are three 38 ton Altec cranes with a 127-foot boom length.

As part of our vegetation management equipment, our cranes are mostly used in the Sierras to help dead trees affected by bark beetle. Dead trees are incredibly dangerous to climb, and our cranes eliminate this need. They also increase our efficiency. With our cranes, our team is able to take down 10-15 trees a day. These machines are low impact because nothing drops to the ground, and this also makes work safer to the public because nothing can fall on private property. Our cranes are available for rent for vegetation management, construction, and capital work.

We use GRCS hand tools for tree rigging bollards. These are used to make the tree a rigging point and lower materials to the ground. All of our hazard crews have these tools on their trucks.

Our team uses Roll-Off trucks to collect and transport debris, and Grapple trucks with claws to load debris and clean up messes. Grapple trucks are often used for storm and hurricane clean up.

Our team has access to a Jarraff, a tractor boom with a saw blade, that can drive through the forest and side trim trees. We also have four bucket trucks, backpack herbicide equipment, and semi trucks at our disposal.

Our Team Has the Right Vegetation Management Equipment to Get the Job Done Right

Mowbray’s Tree Service is a tree service company located in San Bernardino, California. We work with utilities, IOUs, cooperatives, and government agencies to provide quality vegetation management services.

Our team is passionate about our safety practices and the work that we do. Together, our team is helping keep the community safe. Interested in learning more about our services? Contact us today to find out how we can meet your needs.

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