Tree Assessment

During a tree assessment our certified tree assessor will analyze every aspect of a tree’s health, safety and cosmetics. This includes (but not limited to) foliage, upper branches, trunk, root flares and sometimes the roots. There are three variations of an assessment.

The most basic assessment is done from the ground and involves only a visual assessment. The limitation with this assessment is that there are often issues in the upper canopy that cannot be seen from the ground. And, sometimes there are things hidden under the ground that cannot be seen.

If root or root flare problems are suspected then we would recommend further investigation with an air spade. This is a high powered air compressor that has the power blow away soil without cutting tree roots.

If upper canopy problems are suspected we would recommend an aerial inspection. As a seasoned climber, I am able to safely climb tall trees using specialized tree climbing safety gear.

A typical tree assessment starts with the basic ground level visual assessment and further root or aerial inspection done as needed.