Trees with leaning trunks or sagging limbs pose safety risks should the tree topple or a branch fall. On average, a mature tree branch weighs several hundred pounds and could cause serious injury to property or persons present in the area should a branch fall or if the tree should topple. Trees that are not properly supported do not develop healthy root systems that firmly anchor the tree into the ground, and the tree’s health can be compromised. In many cases, we can save your tree and help maintain optimal tree health.

Cabling, bracing and guying are three commonly-used techniques that will provide support to trees and shrubs.


Cabling is a means to providing long-term stability to a leaning tree that left uncorrected, risks falling. Cabling is most often used to save a tree with a split trunk or to support a large branch that is growing at an angle that risks splitting and falling.

Cabling is achieved by drilling holes in the trunks or branches of the tree in question, into which the arborist will insert the cable. The cable is secured so as to keep it tight. Cabling is not generally considered a do-it-yourself task and should only be performed by a trained professional.


Bracing involves using posts to support or anchor the tree to the ground and is usually used to provide temporary support for saplings (young trees) until they become well-rooted and mature enough to withstand the elements.


Guying often involves using cables to anchor the tree to the ground, in contrast with cabling, which is done entirely above-ground.
Each of these techniques can vary in their use from tree to tree, species to species and defect to defect. Our professionals will create a plan that is best suited to your tree’s particular requirements.

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